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WY Yankee Boy
MFTHBA# 00 - 66760

Yankee Boy

Yankee is Mike's 15.2h dark gold "cadillac".  We brought him from Wyoming as a 4 yr old.  He was shown a little, used for Elk hunting and trail riding.  Yankee is a go-daddy with attitude that is consistently smooth and likes to show off.  He will live at Saddle One Farm for a long time.

Lazy Pine's Romeo
MFTHBA# 01 - 71402


Romeo is Jo's 15h dark gold special boy.  We brought him from Wyoming as a 3 yr old.  He has rope burns, scars and brands.  It  took a couple months of careful handling but Romeo is truly worth it.   He is smooth gaited and will walk by most things other horses won't.  Mike says he is 'street smart'. He has the correct name because is is somewhat of lady's man.  If you know just the right words, he will come and put his head right into the loop of a leadline. 

Bomber's Rocker - Sired by Bomber and out of Fancy Dancer - Gorgeous chocolate Buckskin Gelding. Rocker came back to Saddle One Farm and is turning into an excellent trail horse. He is sure footed, brave, honest and smooth as they come. He is the first to greet you at the gate and does not hesitate to climb in the trailer for his next adventure. Rocker is also an excellent "nanny" to our weanlings. He teaches manners with gentle nips. Easy to handle and easy to love.

Jo & Mike Payne
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